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Red Deer Business Bankruptcy

As a business, filing for bankruptcy should always be your final resort. It is a drastic measure, and there are often other ways to overcome your financial situation. Our professionals have experience dealing with a wide range of businesses, from farming to engineering, from retail to charities. We know that every business is different, as they all have their own unique personalities. It’s what makes them stand out from the crowd. Our professionals will take the time to learn about the specifics of your business as well as your financial situation, and work with you in order to compile a plan that works for you.

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Red Deer Business Bankruptcy Company Directory

Business Name Street Address City Province Postal Code Phone Website
bankruptcy 4808 Ross Street Red Deer AB T4N 1X5 (403) 348-5880
Bankruptcy Inquiry Line (Alberta) 4928 53 Avenue Red Deer AB T4N 5J9 (403) 347-9191
Money Mentors 4811 48 Street Red Deer AB T4N 6J4 (888) 294-0076
Handel Law Firm 4814 Ross Street Red Deer AB T4N 1X4 (403) 314-1199
Braithwaite Boyle 3401 Gaetz Avenue Red Deer AB T4N 3Y3 (403) 346-9222
Sproule MacNaughton 4706 48 Avenue Red Deer AB T4N 6J4 (403) 340-1600
Provincial Ticket Resolutions Red Deer AB T4N 0A2 (403) 980-5358
Fraser Law Office 5008 50th Street Red Deer AB T4N 1Y3 (403) 358-3559
Lee Inglis Albrecht 4801 49 Street Red Deer AB T4N 1T8 (403) 343-1212
Cummings Andrews MacKay LLP 4836 Ross Street Red Deer AB T4N 1X4 (403) 347-1577
Altalaw 5233 49 Avenue Red Deer AB T4N 6G5 (403) 343-0812
Johnston Ming Manning LLP 4943 50th Street Red Deer AB T4N 1Y1 (403) 346-5591
Schnell Hardy Jones Llp 4909 49 Street Red Deer AB T4N 1V1 (403) 342-7400
Legal Aid Alberta 4909 49 Street Red Deer AB T4N 1V1 (403) 340-5119
Dunkle McBeath 5004 48 Avenue Red Deer AB T4N 3T6 (403) 347-5522
Sully Chapman Beattie Llp 4825 47 Street Red Deer AB T4N 1R3 (403) 342-7715
Central Alberta Law Office 4802 51 Avenue Red Deer AB T4N 4H3 (403) 340-7730


We will talk you through the different options that you might want to take before filing for legal bankruptcy, and ensure that you are fully aware of what each option entails. Filing for bankruptcy allows you to make a fresh start legally, whilst wiping away most of your debt. However, there are certain restrictions and certain criteria you need to fulfill in order to qualify for bankruptcy. We will walk you through each of the steps, and make sure you have complete access to all of the information you need.

Once a decision has been made regarding the financial future of your business, we will guide you through a plan and its specific steps fully. We offer a friendly and personal service, to make sure that everyone feels included and make sure that you never feel out of the loop. When running a business, it is important to know all of the facts and everything that is going on at a given time. This is a promise we can make to you; we will not take over your business, but simply give you as much help as you need in order to make things right.

 Other Red Deer Business Services

Facing tax problems and other financial challenges can end the life of a business. One way to prevent tax issues from happening is with compliance to Canada’s tax regulations and good business decisions. One of our goals after we help solve your tax problem is to teach you how to be tax compliant but, for your marketing and revenue generation, we suggest you look at the following.

Harmony Fashion is a Canadian jewellery brand that started from a marketing company. That marketing company turned in to a bridal marketing consultancy which then turned in to a bridal accessory wholesale business. That wholesale business then turned in to the fashion retailer Harmony Fashion. The point of this business example is that knowing points for business evolution can keep your profitable for a long time.